Polling: Nebraskans supportive of millionaires taxes, more investment in healthcare and K-12 education

LINCOLN — Nearly eight in ten Nebraska voters surveyed in a recent poll would favor increasing state income taxes on those who earn more than $1 million.

Almost as many voters – seven in ten — would support raising state income taxes on those who earn more than $500,000 annually.

The data, which came from a survey of 600 Nebraska voters conducted in January by the polling firm, TargetSmart, provide interesting insight regarding Nebraskans’ views on raising revenues amid our state’s current budget and tax debate, said Renee Fry, executive director of OpenSky Policy Institute.

“The polling seems to indicate that Nebraskans may be more supportive of revenue-increasing measures than many – including state policymakers – might believe,” Fry said.

TargetSmart’s polling also showed 68 percent of those surveyed would support closing a loophole in Nebraska’s tax code that allows some corporate shareholders to avoid paying Nebraska state income tax on income they earn in other states and about six in ten of those surveyed would support raising state taxes on corporate profits.

Increases in state sales taxes and in fees proved markedly less popular with those surveyed. Only 29 percent of the Nebraskans polled would support raising the state sales tax and only 26 percent would support increasing user fees, like state park passes and motor vehicle registration fees.

Survey respondents also were supportive on increased investments in many state services.

About eight in ten voters indicated there is at least some need for the state to increase funding of health care services, mental health treatment, services for senior citizens and increased roads funding.

About seven in ten of those polled said there is at least some need for the state to increase funding for K-12 education, early childhood education, public safety and law enforcement, and jobs and technical training. Only 49 percent of those polled supported the state increasing its investment in business tax incentives.

“The polling seems to show that Nebraskans value public investments in core services and would support measures to increase revenue to help fund these key services,” Fry said. “We think this is useful information for lawmakers to know, especially given our state’s recent revenue struggles.”

See more about the polling here.

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