For immediate release — Sept. 27, 2017

LINCOLN — The following is a statement from OpenSky Executive Director Renee Fry regarding the tax framework introduced Wednesday by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans:

“While significant uncertainty remains about how the federal tax framework would affect Nebraska, tax changes always result in winners and losers and most analyses to-date find that the wealthiest individuals and corporations would benefit the most from the proposed package. Federal tax changes could also put increased stress on our already strained state budget and lead to more cuts to education, health care and other services that Nebraskans need. Furthermore, elimination of itemized deductions could have serious implications; for example, eliminating the deduction for local taxes could exacerbate the stress of property taxes on Nebraska’s property taxpayers. With so much uncertainty regarding the tax changes and their impact on our state and its residents, it will be important for both federal and state policymakers to proceed cautiously, taking care to understand the full effects of any tax plan.”

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