Policy brief – LB 295’s tax credits raise a multitude of concerns

Scholarship tax credits like the one proposed in LB 295 stand to divert state revenue at a time when we are experiencing revenue struggles. Enacting this measure could force lawmakers to make cuts to vital services such as public K-12 education or shift more of the load of funding our schools on to property taxpayers.

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Polling: Nebraskans supportive of millionaires taxes, more investment in healthcare and K-12 education

Nearly eight in ten Nebraska voters surveyed in a recent poll would favor increasing state income taxes on those who earn more than $1 million. Almost as many voters – seven in ten -- would support raising state income taxes on those who earn more than $500,000 annually.

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LB 804’s new state-level tax benefit raises concerns

LB 804 is being touted as necessary to bring Nebraska’s 529 savings plans into compliance with federal law. However, the language in LB 804 -- a bill that will be the focus of a Revenue Committee hearing today -- goes beyond allowing Nebraska’s educational savings plan to be used for private K-12 tuition. LB 804 also would create a new state-level tax deduction for private K-12 tuition.

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Policy brief – LB 829 has devastating implications for Nebraska

Nebraska’s high reliance on property taxes to fund K-12 education is a serious and long-standing issue that has frustrated our state’s residents for decades. LB 829 – which proposes a refundable credit against state income taxes equal to fifty percent of property taxes paid to support schools – may sound like a good solution at first but in reality the measure would create more problems than it might solve.

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